Why you need Karen Hyde French when building a home

Cost to you
Nothing!  Any compensation given to REALTORS® is recognized by the builder as a marketing fee and has no impact on the final cost of the home.  Builders desire, expect and encourage REALTOR® participation.

Savings to You
Are you getting what you're entitled to have... both in quality and value?  Karen Hyde French knows what you should receive and what "extras" might be available.

Resale... Appreciation& Profit
Give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale.  Questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor are important.  Karen Hyde French knows you are building not only for today... but for tomorrow.

You are Represented
With Karen Hyde French, you are represented!  Their experience, knowledge and reputation represents strength and leverage on your behalf.

Your Builder
There is more to a builder than good advertising or the sales staff in the beautiful model home.  What is the reputation of the builder?  Does the builder allow customized changes and at what cost?  Karen Hyde French has insight into these and many more concerns.

Time & Stress
Throughout the entire building process, Karen Hyde French will monitor The progress with you and for you.  You're never alone.

Contracts & Paperwork
Builders have "standard" contracts and many addendums designed by a legal staff representing the builder.  Karen Hyde French will know certain details and conditions that should be discussed, added, deleted or modified for your protection.

Builder Incentives
Do the incentives, discounts and special financing of the builder work the best for you?  Karen Hyde French will suggest alternatives for comparison

Builder Obligations, Inspections & Warranties
REALTORS® know what the builder should, could and must do.  Karen Hyde French will be there with you throughout the entire building and financing process.  Furthermore... they will guide you through the inspections, The closing procedures and be with you long after you move into your new home.

Do The Best for Yourself... Build with Karen Hyde French